Billy the Spar Heron of Aberdaron

Afon Cyllyfelin and the Spar, Aberdaron by Eric Jones, Geograph

Billy the Heron has been visiting the Aberdaron Spar store on a near daily basis since around 2005.

The store sits beside a small river in the tiny seaside village of Aberdaron at the far tip of the Llyn Pennisula in North West Wales.

All the heron luxuries are laid on: Just over the bridge there is a fish and chip store.

Standing atop the corrugated iron roof he will wait for some meat from the shop keeper or for a selfie with a passing tourist.

Imagine the sound of a heron on a courugated iron roof!

A well known character he's been featured in newspapers and numerous Tweets. He will even wait with you at the local bus stop if you look a little lost.

I drive to Aberdaron, park my car, and find the bus stop easily. I’m early. While I wait, a fine-looking heron flaps down onto the road, and keeps me company. It seems like a good omen.

Name: Billy
Age: At least 15
Hangouts: Spar store rooftop

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